01 April 2011

The Nickel Song

I did a late workout today, biked (indoor exercycle, since I don't have a working bike at the moment) hard for ten miles then walked to calm down my jelly legs. On the walk, I knew it was time to look for pennies again. Or so I thought.

I rounded a corner and saw a small rabbit by the curb. I stopped, but he took off into the woods. As I approached the spot where he'd been I heard, "look here". So I started toward the curb; just as I got into the streetlight's circle of influence I saw something shiny. Not a penny. A nickel.

Several things immediately sprang to mind. First, I've leveled up. At first I wasn't sure why; I didn't take out a giant squid that shoots fireballs or anything. But there it is. I've been leveled up. I also realized there's a lot more favor flying around than I had noticed. But the answer is pretty obvious. He said I've been faithful in small things, so bigger things are coming.

Next, I realized I had my sights set too low. Looking for pennies when there were nickels coming my way. I'll take nickels, but I'll be looking for dimes, quarters and dollars (I'm not talking about money here; that's just Daddy's analogy).

Finally, even though I didn't see the bunny again, I realized even more how beautiful the evening was. It didn't hurt that my iPod transitioned right then from Kim Walker-Smith and Jesus Culture to It's a Beautiful Day's "White Bird". That song perfectly summed up parts of what have been blooming inside me the last couple of weeks (and longer, but especially now).

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