24 April 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Near the end of Friday night's worship service at Cathedral of Praise, everyone ended up down front in two rows facing each other. This seems to be standard fare; it's happened the two nights I've been, and it just felt like the groove.

Standing at the end of these rows, I had a sudden desire to do an inside out fire tunnel-- to run down the middle, touching people on the head, blessing them, seeing what God had to say to them. Being a visitor, I didn't. But a minute or two later, something a lot more interesting happened, something I haven't seen before.

I saw Jesus running down the middle, tapping peoples' heads, going, "Duck! Duck! Goose!!!" But nobody else seemed to notice .Then he ran down to me (like lightning), tapped my head, said "Goose!", ran a couple of steps and stopped, grinning in that disarming way Han Solo always did. "Well?" His eyebrows went up.

What else was I going to do? I took off after him. We ran through the line, and all the way around the sanctuary. As I came back to where I started I tapped the lady next to me and said, Goose!" She grinned and said, "OK...?" I shrugged. "Jesus wants to play." She took off. I tapped a couple more, she tapped someone, at least 10 to 12 got involved before it morphed into something else.

I think Jesus the man, Jesus our oldest brother, Jesus the resurrected Prince of Peace, wants to have fun with us. I think Daddy God likes watching His kids play as much as He likes watching them change the world. Dads are like that. The best siblings are like that. The Holy Spirit must have had a good time, too, seeing how people were falling down laughing just after this.

Later today we'll celebrate Easter at one of the local churches we love. But it's hard to see how it will really feel any more like celebrating the resurrected Lord than Friday night did.


  1. Yeah, remind me to tell you about the time he kicked sand at me and squooshed a peach over my head!

  2. Now you're going to have to explain that one or other readers will think you just called him a bully. 8^) Maybe post a link here to your blog and write it up? It's been how long since you posted there? 8^P

  3. Haha, Papa God is just so goofy. =P