15 September 2015

And the Lord Said Unto me, "Go Watch Marvel Movies!"

No, really. He did.

I was struggling with how to make the last real edit to my first novel. I had accidentally warped time; when I unwarped it, something didn't make sense. I couldn't see how to fix that without a lot of rewriting. I prayed, and that still, small voice very clearly said, "Watch Winter Soldier".

So I did. And thoroughly enjoyed it, as usual. I had no new insights on the book, but I suddenly felt great about it; I was at peace. The next morning when I woke up, the solution was obvious- and it all revolved around how we handle secrecy. WS was chock full of secrecy.

Then I found out that the publishing company name[1] I've used for years was in use by others- and trademarked. Racking my brain and the net for a solution that let me keep the essence of the name, I prayed and there was that voice again. "Watch Iron Man 3."

So I did. At the end of the IM3, Tony had to let go of some of his past to move forward with Pepper (and life); he blew up what was left of his iron legion and had doctors remove the shrapnel and electromagnet from his chest. Light bulb moment! I needed to let go of the past. Amazingly, it was that easy. But no other name I liked was free and clear (Stark was a clear leader after the movie, but there are several small presses using that name.)

I didn't hear the voice again, but I knew I needed to watch Thor II: The Dark World. It just felt right.[2]

So I did. And ultimately came up with the perfect name. It will work for any sort of book I care to publish (and there are quite a few genres in the works!) Would you like to know the name?

I'll bet! But not until trademark paperwork is filed. Sorry.

Watch this space!


1. The name was "Triple R Publishing". My marketing genius (Page Vandiver of Simply Heaven Design) was already developing a logo. I'd copyrighted all my short stories and technical material under that name for years, but had failed to trademark it. Never again.
2. If you've read the Harry Potter series, it felt a lot like when Harry took the felix felicis potion. That's actually one of the best narrative descriptions of flowing in the Spirit I've read, other than the fact that it was impersonal magic rather than an intimate, supernatural relationship. I've felt extremely lucky like that at times, and this is much better.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)