30 March 2013

Easter: Who Cares?

I've seen more people upset about Easter this year than usual-- from Christians upset about bunnies and eggs (or even the name Easter) to schools outlawing the use of the word Easter because it might offend someone. To ice the cake (not an Easter cake for anyone concerned) we got invited to have lunch with a group of friends from Church, and I wondered if family members would feel left out that we weren't having lunch at home with them.

Let's start with the icing (I am all about the icing; Sharon is the cake lover). Easter is not actually a family holiday. Not in the traditional sense of the word, "family". If you're a Christian, it's a family holiday in the sense of your family in God, whether related by birth or not. But if it's just an excuse to get with birth family, eat chocolate, hunt eggs, and dress up, any day is as good as another. If that were my goal I'd pick a day nobody else was likely to be doing anything. Maybe the Saturday before the Ides of March. (Afterward could run smack dab into spring break, a major holiday week.) Not a family holiday (what are? birthdays, mothers day, etc).

I also don't care what you call the holiday, or where that name came from. Some people are really into the whole debate about whether "Easter" came from "Ishtar" (there is "proof" both ways), and whether the Church redeemed the day by taking it over, or opened up a back door to the spirit of Antichrist by assuming that name.

Two other points of division and confusion [1] are the Easter Bunny Conspiracy and the Easter Egg Controversy. Is the Bunny really a symbol (or even a familiar) for the pagan goddess of love, war, sex and fertility? Or was it the natural association with Mary because it was mistakenly believed a hare could reproduce without losing virginity? Are Easter eggs likewise symbols of the empty tomb or a nefarious, demonic sneak attack by their association with (again) Ishtar?

I've spent way too much time over the years thinking, studying and praying about these. I have looked at them from all sides (at least, all the sides I'm aware of). I have finally settled firmly into the camp of I Don't Care. I don't care whether you call it Easter or Resurrection Day. I don't care whether you talk about the Easter Bunny or whether you celebrate with eggs (much less whether any such eggs are candy or hard boiled, organic or not). God would be a puny god, indeed, if he got his panties in a wad about such things. Puny god? That sounds more like Loki to me.

Today is the day we celebrate the day Jesus proved his power and authority. God forgave everything everyone ever had or would do... including (if they happened, and if they need forgiving):

  1. Naming the day after a pretty bizarre goddess (love, war, sex and fertility. OK!)
  2. Associating theoretically hermaphroditic bunny rabbits with Jesus' Mom.
  3. Using eggs (clearly a fertility symbol!!!!) to represent the empty tomb and new life.
  4. Promoting tooth decay with eggs and jelly beans made of almost solid sugar and HFCS.
  5. Using unnatural dye on eggs that are neither organic nor free range.
  6. Peeps
And just for the record, Jesus did all that without waiting for anyone to ask. You're loved and forgiven, and you look just like Daddy/Mommy God. I'd say that's worth celebrating, whatever you want to call it.

You're awesome and loved. Happy Easter / Resurrection Day / You Are Forgiven Day.

[1]Who's into dividing the Church? Who's the author of confusion? Yup, same old fish head.


  1. Way to go Miles! I enjoyed your Easter bunny, organic, free range Easter egg rampage. Happy Jesus Rose from the Dead Day!

  2. Well said, Hons! Now, go enjoy the candy and Peeps left by the Easter Bunny! :)

  3. You are so cool. This really makes me smile, and makes me think. It's so easy to get caught up in the commercialized aspects of a holiday, and also in the rhetoric / debate / cynical dissection of it.

    When you turn the volume down on all the BS, it's all about commemorating the epic gift that Jesus gave us all. So no matter how people want to reflect on that, celebrate it, thank Him, how ever people want to process and experience Jesus' love and sacrifice is cool with me.

    And peeps are not a sin! A confection that delivers so much delight has to make God smile.