10 May 2011

Where the Wild Hydrants Grow

``I've been walking in two worlds,
It's like a fight on a tight rope.
Tempted by the darkness
But drawn to this ray of hope.''
-Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, 1988

Wandering off the running trail near work, I found, not a lamp post where one ought not to be, but a fire hydrant where one ought not to be. I suspect it works, just as the lamp burned on the post despite a lack of electrical or gas hookup.

Why is there a hydrant in the woods, at least a hundred yards from the nearest road? I don't really know, but when I saw it, "I came all over Narnia". And I was reminded that I do, indeed, walk in two worlds; that despite the drought, I am not nearly so far from the Garden of Eden as I tend to think. That kingdom impinges upon this one; they desperately desire to be reunited.

And I am one agent of re-unification. I have a part to play. But whether I will or no, the kingdoms will be re-united. Some of us already walk in two worlds at the same time, and some day all will. The question is whether I will accept that, revel in it, rejoice with wild abandon, live there, invoke squatters rights and expand the influence of the merged kingdoms, or doom my part of it to pain and loneliness for longer.

Looking at it that way, the choice is easy...

It's just a fire hydrant.

In the woods.

Aslan's here...

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