05 September 2010

Lover? Or troll?

Relationships, like people, are organic. They change. They grow. They bear fruit. Some things die and fall off. They bloom. The hues and colors change and sparkle. People come together and form new things, they dance, they sing, they discuss, they challenge, they are constantly in motion, even when sitting contentedly together, or laying in the grass, peacefully staring at the sky.

When there is no change, no growth, no fruit, no color, no action, no movement, no death of old wood and leaves, you no longer have a relationship; you have an institution. You no longer have anything organic; you have a statue, a sculpture, old trolls tricked into staying out past sunrise, turned to stone, one with a birds' nest behind its ear.

Statues and sculptures, and even stone trolls, have their places. They can be awesome and wondrous to see, even beautiful (except the trolls). But none of them begins to compare to the awesome, wondrous beauty of a good relationship. This is true whether it's our relationship with God or with other people. Don't let your relationships ossify. Do something that only an organic life form does to keep them going. Dance, give gifts, hug, play in the rain, write a letter, call, eat, do something loving.

Without the love, you'll become a troll. Without the motion, the change, the organic involvement, it'll all turn to stone, bird's nest behind an ear, an object lesson for travelers, and nothing more.

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